Beltane is one of those Sabbats that I’ve never really connected with. 

In my earlier days as a Pagan, and as an 18 to 22 year old, I scorned all things relating to fertility for cursing me with a week or more of excruciating pain every month and aside from that and the Sacred Union, I never really understood much about it.

Now as I set out on a journey of solidifying my religion and spiritual practice, I find myself looking toward identifying my own sacred days. It just so happens that the first Sabbat to occur after making this decision is, of course, Beltane.

So I sat down while my daughter napped and did some research on the symbolism, significance, and modern celebration.

What I found is that, for me, Beltane is somewhat of a mid-way observance. I’ve lived in Southern California my entire life and still can’t handle the heat of summer.

Beltane seems to have influence from the contrasting energies of fire and water. Combined, these two make steam, which is exactly what I run out of when the heat picks up.

Beltane symbolizes the increase in the sun’s power leading up to the next equinox. By harnessing this energy, I can use it to fuel my forward momentum to overcome my summer slump and maintain energy to make it through to the cooler weather. During this time, I’ll also be embracing the watery aspects to cleanse and purify myself, my home and my goals.