Dreamless Nights

It’s been a couple of months since the last time I remembered a dream. Before that, it was even longer. I wish it had been a profound and revealing dream that I could have woken from to say “aha!” or “that’s the answer!”.

Instead it was an off dream about reuniting with the last person I was in a relationship with. There was a recollection of days gone by and, I think, a mutual understanding that it was the best thing for us both at the time. 

Generally, the dream had that fuzzy feeling to it, like when you’ve slept just the tiniest but longer than you should have but you don’t exactly mind.

I’m hoping this will become a regular thing again (remembering dreams in general, not particularly about exes). I feel as though a piece is missing or that I’m not rested when I wake and haven’t gotten enough sleep.

It draws my mind back to Persephone and her dealings with the Lotus Eaters. And to Poseidon who has always helped sway me to sleep during times of continued sleeplessness.

Spring is around the corner and the great awakening of life will take place. As Persephone makes her return to light I hope she’ll bring with her a flower for me. One drenched mostly in red to bring me back my dreams.


The Lotus Eater

I read the story of the Lotus Eaters many times when I was in junior high and high school. It’s been almost 2 decades since I first read it and I’ve found myself drawn to it again.

I’ve been living with insomnia for a couple of years now. It’s not unusual for me to be awake at 3am, occupying my mind with something or other until sleep finds me. Tonight I watched over my sleeping girl who sometimes fussed in her sleep. I’m not entirely sure why but I felt the need to focus on protection and white light.

It occurred to me, when I called on Reiki to aid me, that the lotus flower grows from the mud. My connection with Persephone focuses quite a bit on this substance of earth and water so, of course, my mind flew away and began researching connections.

Silly me for not realizing that a quick connection would be made.

In Greek mythology, Persephone created the lotus flower of Her own hands for Morpheus. Purple and black petals for the death like sleep and one streaked with red for our dreams.

I’ve stored that symbolism away for when I can focus on tackling my sleep issues. For now, I’m turning to the symbolism for pink and white flowers as they symbolize devotion.

I’ve searched for some time for a symbol for my Goddess and I’m pleased to have found one suitable enough in its beauty and it’s purity for my Palest Flower.

30 Days of Devotion: Days 21 – 24

Day 21:  music that reminds you of the Deity

Right around the time I met Poseidon I had just taken interest in the band  Dead Can Dance. I played their album Aion at the first ritual I held for Him.

Day 22: a piece of writing that reminds you of the Deity

The Odyssey will always be the first piece of writing that comes to mind when I think of Poseidon. It’s the piece of writing that led me down a path of discovering my own spirituality and finding religion on my own terms and it was the piece of writing that opened my eyes to the possibility that the signs I was receiving weren’t as they seemed. That they weren’t from Apollo as I thought  (and, at the time, hoped), but from Poseidon.

Day 23: your own composition for the Deity

“Am I Whole ?”

I’m standing barefoot in a green meadow. I’m wearing nothing but a breezy, white, cotton dress.

Bright bulbs of light hover just above the ground in blues and purples, scattered about like flowers.

The sky is dark and starless.

There is no moon above me.

I take a step and the ground ripples like water.

The world shifts and the air becomes thick. The feeling you get when you wake up after sleeping too long.

I walk across the meadow on my toes.

Tears fill the corners of my eyes.

It starts to rain. Full, warm drops.

Two people stand in the distance and I’m filled with love.

I run to them. A joyous race to them, almost as though I’m flying.

Finally I reach them. One, a woman, strong and confident, embraces me like a sister.

I turn to the other. A man.

He, too, is strong and confident.

More than the woman.

I hesitate to approach him.

I know him, yet he’s so unfamiliar. Colder. Cruel.

She urges me forward, but as I draw near, he steps away.

I sit down in the grassy lake. Bobbing up and down as the grass tickles my bare skin.

I sit facing him as he draws back into the distance.

The woman stands beside me, a patient hand on my shoulder.

But she’s looking down. Not to the dark horizon.

I sink steadily into the grassy lake.

The blades caressing my skin.

This familiar touch, expected from the man now gone.

I come to lay rest on a bed made of fog.

The sun is my blanket, warm and kind.

The man returns in my dreams. His desire renewed. His touch familiar.

The woman and I are one.

Intertwined with the man returned.

Am I whole?

Dany 24: a time that this Deity has helped you

This sits on the very furthest reaches of my faith. I have never really been the type to believe in miracles or any such thing. For that reason I don’t talk about this much. I believe that Poseidon helped me to get pregnant. It happened under less than convenient circumstances and, had I been able to, I would have chosen a different father for my daughter. I’ll hold off on further details because I don’t think I’m even entirely sure of them. But I feel in my heart that He played some role in the birth of my daughter.

30 Days of Devotion: 7-12

It’s been a he’ll of a week with construction madness and emotional lows, but they say that the best time to do something is when you feel like you can’t. So here I am, playing catch up on my devotion posts.

Day 7: names and epithets

  • Earth shaker
  • Savior of Sailors
  • The Bull of the Sea
  • Creator of Horses
  • The Rock Poseidon 
  • Averted of Earthquakes
  • God of the Sea
  • Who Dashes Against
  • King
  • Secures Safe Voyage
  • Overseer
  • Watching
  • Holder of the Earth
  • Father
  • Plant Nurturer
  • Of the King
  • Of the House
  • Of the People

Day 8: variations of this Deity

Simply looking at the above collection of titles and epithets, you can easily see that Poseidon covered more areas beyond the sea depending on where He was worshipped.

In some areas, He was a household Deity that watched over families and their homes. In areas dependent on river flow, He was a Deity of agriculture and plant growth. In coastal areas, of course, He was a God of bountiful fish and safe voyage. One note He was not.

Day 9: common misconceptions 

The previous section actually leads me to the first topic in this one. Poseidon, like all Gods and divine entities, is not one dimensional. I’ve encountered many people, usual non-Pagans but not always, who think each God has their 1 or 2 areas of expertise and nothing more. Poseidon is King in the sea, Shaker of the Earth, Savior and Dasher. His long arms of guidance and protection extend far to places where the ocean is far off and unseen.

Another misconception I encounter is a direct result of literal interpretation of the myths and an unwillingness to believe that the Gods adapt with changing ideals over time. So many people question my worship of Poseidon because they believe he is misogynistic and sexually frivolous, neither of which is true.

The Gods as creators are tasked with populating the Earth with our Heroes. For the purposes of the myths, the absence of monogamy allowed for these Heroes and other Divine offspring to have a sort of variety. Had Poseidon bred only with His consort Amphitrite, the Pegasus would not have come about. By laying with Medusa this was possible.

Outside of the myths, though, in my personal experience, is where I’ve learned these things to be false. I mentioned in a previous post that Poseidon holds consensual, sexual acts to be sacred. To say that he will lay with anyone or anything is disrespectful in this sense. He takes care in pursuing his partners and does not take them lightly. All things have their time and place. As a God of the Sea, He reveres creation in all of its forms. The female body is the foundation of our creation. It curves like His waves and pulses like His tide. We are His counterpart. The female of creation to his Male. As a God he embraces, rather than rejects or denies, this duality.

Day 10: offerings

  • Pine
  • Wine/cheese/honey  (I’ve found this combination to be popular among many Greek Deities and Heroes)
  • Beef
  • Rum/whisky/beer
  • Sexual acts
  • Caught fish (that you’ve caught yourself, that is)
  • Athletic games
  • Strategy games
  • Oral hygiene 
  • Salted meat
  • Lemons and limes
  • Earl gray tea

Day 11: sacred days and festivals

The month of December corresponds to Poseidon’s month on the Athenian calendar. December 23rd was His day of celebration as well as the 8th of each month.

Around January 5th is the celebration of Poseidon Phytalmeos (fresh water and plant growth).

Around January 25th is the anniversary of the marriage of Zeus and Hera. Poseidon was honored on this day in some areas as well.

June 3rd and 12th held sacrifices to Poseidon.

Many other festivals were held including the first rain and last harvest depending on the region.

Day 12: places of worship

  • Beaches
  • Coast lines
  • Corinth
  • Argolis
  • Helice (now Achaea)
  • Onkhestos (now Boeotia)
  • Attica 
  • Sicyon

30 Days of Devotion: Days 3, 4, 5, & 6

What a week this has been. October has hesitated in getting started. I bit later than I intended, but here goes the next installment of the devotion challenge.

Day 3: symbols and icons of the Deity

Probably the most well known symbol of Poseidon is the trident. In mythology it’s said to control the ocean and historically it has been used for fishing. Also associated with Poseidon are the bull and the Minotaur. These symbols are thought to be leftover from His pre-Olympian origins as the mate of the Minoan Pasiphae. As a white bull, He mated with Her and they created the Minotaur.

Fish, dolphins, horses, and seal life encrusted boulders are His other commonly referred to symbols. In my personal worship I include the Hippocampus and the octopus as His symbols.

Day 4: a favorite myth of the Deity

My favorite story of Poseidon is the Odyssey. One of these reasons is that it was the piece of literature that opened me up to the world of the Gods. As it pertains to Poseidon,  this story demonstrates 3 of his values very well. Loyalty, pride, and family. These are the three driving forces that lead him to rage against Odysseus for 10 years.

Day 5: members of the family

Poseidon is son to Kronos and Rhea. His grandparents are Oceanus and Gaia.

Among His siblings are Zeus, Hera, Demeter, Hades, and Hessian.

Among Poseidon’s offspring are, notably, Polyphemos, Pegasos, Triton, and Theseus.

Day 6: other related deities and entities associated with this deity 

Amphitrite is Poseidon’s most commonly referenced consort, though He has produced offspring with many others including Medusa. 

While this post is a combination of 4 days of devotion, I have been holding daily worship. Sometimes it’s only sitting in His presence. Other times it’s creating something for Him. I’m looking forward to the next 25 days of this challenge.