30 Days of Devotion: Days 13 – 20

Oh my goodness. Having our floors redone was one of the most stressful events. A 3 day job turned into just over 3 weeks. Unacceptable. But they’re done now and we’ve gotten back into our usual routine. So here we go. Let’s try and get back into the swing of things.

Day 13: cultural issues close to the Deity’s heart

I decided to take a moment and touch on some global issues rather than cultural ones (I suppose “world culture” is a thing). There are some things going on in the world that Poseidon feels very strongly about and they aren’t new things.

One of those things is shark finning. This is a barbaric practice of severing the fins from a shark and dumping the still living body back into the ocean. This is done by fisherman harvesting fins for the every popular, expensive food called shark fin soup and it must be stopped. 

I’ve found this link helpful in finding ways to join the fight and put an end to shark finning.

I posted about another of Poseidons issues of interest not too long ago. The Syrian refugee crisis is still happening. Countries are beginning to come together to find homes for these stranded individuals, but there are still so many more that need homes. Children, women, and men are still losing their lives and their loved ones.

Read my blog post here. Or visit cantdonothing.org directly.

Lastly, and certainly not least of His concerns, is the Great Barrier Reef. an article going around social media has claimed that the reef has died but this is not true. The Great Barrier Reef is still alive, but not well. It is victim to illegal fishing, rapid industrialization, the in flow of farm pollution, and global warming to name a few. Organizations have already helped to put a stop to port expansions and the dumping of dredge oil in the area. These problems and more have lead to bleaching and death of large portions of the reef. I plan to make a more detailed post on the issue in the coming days.

In the meantime, learn more and find out how you can help here.

These are not the only issues that Poseidon encourages me to be aware of and fight for. He encourages me stand up for feminism and LGBT equality and tobstand agains Global Warming, water pollution, over fishing, mental health rights, and parental rights.

Day 14: has worship of the Deity changed with modern times?

I feel that the answer to this could only be “yes”. While there are some reconstructionist movements in the Hellenic variety, there are those of us who try to bring Poseidon into the here and now.

As opposed to researching old ways of worship of Him and holding to them, we strive to take that information and find current ways of having he same effect.

In ancient times, bulls were sacrificed to Poseidon. As a modern worshipper, i like to barbecue a lot of beef in his name. Korean Barbecue is also a favorite option.

Das 15: associated mundane practices

There are so many, but here re a few.

  • Baths and showers
  • SWilmington
  • Water sports
  • Fitness
  • Oral hygiene 
  • Sexual
  • Fishing
  • Aquarium visits
  • Maintaining a home aquarium
  • Beach visits
  • Gowing on a cruise
  • Tidying up (not heavy cleaning)
  • Eacting well
  • Pleasant gatherings

Day 16: how do you think this Deity represents the values of their cultural origins?

First let’s lay out he cultural values of ancient Greece:

  • Glory
  • Hospitality
  • Loyalty
  • Intelligence

Hospitality is the easiest one for me to see in Him. He feels strongly about the displacement of Syrian refugees and thinks they should be welcomed by all countries with the means to do so.

Poseidon urges me to learn, grow, and develop myself into my best Self. He encourages His followers to nurture their intelligence as a stepping stone of their other goals and Work.

Glory is not a big priority in my relationship with Poseidon. Although, He does appreciate a good sports game and would probably be happier if I participated in at least watching sports regularly. I grew up a Packers fan and sometimes I feel like I should be ssupporting my team a bit better.

Lastly is Loyalty, and this is a big one or both of U/us. Poseidon and I have been together for 6 years. Other Gods, Goddesses, and spirits have come and gone. Some have stayed, but most have moved on. I don’t welcome A/anyone else into my life without first discussing it with Him. I do my best to hold to this type of loyalty in all of my friendships and relationships.

Day 17: how does this Deity relate to other Gods?

Poseidon introduced me to Persephone and  I came to learn that She is also associated with water. She is a Goddess of underwater streams and the deep waters that lay hidden in the earth.

He works closely with Aprhodite to build empowerment as you search for self acceptance and self love.

Currently I’m meditating and reading to discover the connections He’s presented to me between Thor and Himself.

Day 18: how does this Deity stand in terms of gender and sexuality?

I’m still learning all of the proper terms for gender and sexual equality, but my best understanding would have me sexualexualityay that Poseidon identifies as a masculine pansexual.

Day 19: which of the Deity’s qualities do you most admire? Have the most trouble with?

The answer to both of these is the same: His social ability. Poseidon has a way about Him that is very carefree and rigidly. I struggle a lot in social situations and have difficulties in making conversation. I hope that one day I can learn these skills from Him.

Day 20: art that reminds you of the Deity

This isn’t the most ideal representation of Poseidon for me, but I do appreciate that this was he only image of Him not as an old man.

Stay tuned for the next installment.


Concepts of Modern Polytheism – Piety

After my last post I’ve done a lot of thinking about what piety means to me as a Pagan, as a polytheist, and as a person. This post gives a great breakdown using “devout” as the term in place of “pious”.

Next month, to strive toward building a deeper connection with the Gods, I’m going to start the challenge from the “30 days of devotion” meme. This seemed to be pretty popular on Pagan based blogs a couple of years ago, but I think it suits this step in my journey well.

I’ll also be sharing different things from my bullet journal that help me to make religion a part of my daily life.

The order that seems most logical to me would be Hekate in October, Persephone in November, and Poseidon in December. However, I feel strongly that I should begin with Poseidon. I welcome anyone who may feel moved to participate to do so and I’ll try to find ways of sharing this on Instagram as well.


Piety is an incredibly contentious idea. It’s an important topic, and I’m glad people are discussing it, but sometimes the discussions can seem frustratingly theoretical.

For those new to the concept, or new to considering how piety might manifest in day-to-day life, I thought I’d wade into these turbulent waters and toss my two cents in. As per usual this is by no means meant to be a definitive anything. It’s simply my breakdown of the subject.

Disclaimers out of the way? Awesome.

blues-brothers-hit-it-quote-scene The Blues Brothers. Still classic.

What is piety, anyway?

The basic definition of piety is “reverence for God or devout fulfillment of religious obligations”.

Leaving the monotheistic bias of the definition aside, on the surface this seems simple enough. Applying it is a whole different thing, though.

That’s ok. This definition is a decent enough place to start. We just need to unpack it a bit.


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