Diapers: Up & Up vs. Huggies

Duckie is just over a year old and as a new mom I’ve played the diaper dating game a little here and there. Pampers and Huggies came home with us from the two hospitals (birth hospital and jaundice treatment hospital). We tried Luvs on an emergency run while visiting my mother at the VA. And we’ve switched back and forth between Huggies and Up & Up (Target Brand) pretty regularly based on budget.

I recently moved her up from a size 3 to a size 4 and here’s what I’ve noticed so far.

Up & Up

Right now, size 4 in these diapers is 28.99 USD for 144 diapers. These diapers used to be 24.99 for the same count. I also used to prefer these diapers to any other brand. The pattern is bland but I’m not buying them for decoration. They were sturdy, absorbent, they didn’t give her a rash, and they were great value.

What I’ve noticed recently with these diapers is that they don’t pull the moisture away from my little babe’s skin. She has gotten diaper rash more times in the last couple of weeks than she has in the last year. And they fill up so quickly. I have to change Duckie’s diaper twice as often as normal.

They’ve become flimsy and don’t hold closed which leads to a lot of leaks. It’s frustrating that I have to change sheets almost every night (on two beds because we bedshare via the sidecar method).

Huggies Little Movers

These diapers are a whopping 45.99 for 152 diapers. This price can break the bank some months and I’m brought to tears anytime I have a coupon or a deal on the Cartwheel app. Sometimes I have no choice but to get the Up & Ups. But these diapers are the best we’ve used recently. I notice the leaking only at the same time I notice she’s ready to go up a size. They hold up well against her bedtime gymnastics and daytime dance offs. If she picks at her diaper there’s not a ton of diaper fuzz that can end up in her mouth. They don’t irritate her skin. She doesn’t end up with a saggy bottom right away and never any diaper rash.

Needless to say Huggies wins the battle.

What I don’t understand is why there is such a drastic difference in price and quality between diapers. These items are treated as though it’s a luxury to to not have your baby piss and crap all over the place. If cloth diapers weren’t so expensive I’d probably have made that switch by now. Unfortunately, at this point, Duckie will probably start potty training before the investment would be worth it.