The Eleusinian Mysteries

This time of year marks the celebration of the Eleusinian Mysteries of Demeter and Persephone. The observance lasts around two weeks and I typically try to take time on at least one of the days to do something special. Considering Duckie was born just a couple of weeks prior to this time last year, I can’t honestly say the Mysteries were on my mind. This year, though, I wanted to do my best to do a little something.

The night before also happened to be the Full Moon, so naturally I felt especially tempted to do some magic. With a toddler on my hands only just trying to figure out what schedule of eating, sleeping, playing, and screaming works best for her it can be hard to get in the magical mood but I turned to the heart of my magic and headed into the kitchen during a golden naptime opportunity.

Cooking is one of my favorite magical practices. Spending the last decade (off and on) as a Pagan in my mother’s house, it’s become the easiest and most discreet way for me to practice magic.

It’s said that the Eleusinian Mysteries marks the time when Demeter tore through the Greek lands turning lush summer into desolate winter. At this time, she taught an honored few the secrets of the harvest. At the end of the celebration of the Mysteries participants were said to leave the sacred space carrying jars of Earth with them, representing Demeter’s womb.

Doing my best to go with the harvest theme, I made a quick run to Ralph’s for some ingredients and got to work.

I have a slight addiction to good, hearty, soups so I took some ground sirloin, kale, potatoes, beef stock, onions, garlic, and green and yellow zucchini, put them in a pot and let them get good and cozy over the stove.

The result is, admittedly, brown and green, chunky liquid (I mean…soup, right?). But it’s delicious and warm and filled with love and the intention of having all I need to get through the next season.

With any luck, my intention will become reality and I won’t just be eating warm soups in this hot, California weather for no good reason.