30 Days of Devotion: Days 29 and 30

My final post of this challenge is here. Between  getting discouraged with my posts due to our crazy construction schedule and having issues with my keyboard when my WordPress app is open, I’m a little amazed that I completed this. But here it is, at long last, the final two days.

Day 29: interesting or unusual UPG

Probably the most interesting bit that I’m willing to share is that it’s been odd and amusing working with both Poseidon and Hekate. Without going into too much detail, They have very opposite personalities and it’s comical when They try to make partnering suggestions on any topics that I bring to Them.

Day 30: suggestions for those beginning to learn about this Deity

Ah, the final question. If I’ve been able to make even one more person more interested in learning about Poseidon I’ll feel pleased with the turnout of this month long endeavor.

For anyone that may feel so inclined  I would suggest starting with theoi.com. They have an excellent resource on Deity information including myths, hymns, epithets, family trees and a lot more to get you up and running.

From there I would suggest meditating near water if you can. If you can’t, get a fish tank and meditate near that.

If you aren’t fully committed to beginning a relationship right now, get a bowl and a fish that you like (not just any fish), set it up, and meditate near that.
If a real commitment is something you’re seeking and you need easy access to a body of water that contains life, consider putting a few bucks into something nicer. A few gallons fish tank and plants or decorations that you find pleasing are a good place to start. Ifor you get live plants for your tank, even better. I’ve always enjoyed water gardens.

I’m so proud of myself for accomplishing this. There were a few days when I felt like putting his off altogether and trying again no there month, but I’m so pleased to have stuck with it. I hopened it’s been pleasant for any readers and I’ll try to do another one for wither Persephone or Hekate in a month or two.


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